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Finals are approaching

Jon-derek Castagno on Friday, 10 November 2006.

So this is the last weekend here at RIT for this quarter what that means is that I am going to go wild and enjoy my weekend like no other.  Yea I am excited, I may do some studying, but who knows?

What the “G Men” and I did today was put together the new computer, they had a mother board issue so we sent it back. Finally got it back 4 weeks later. It is really nice being on their new computer it is much faster than their old one and can actually multi task! We can watch a DVD AND surf the web without the DVD freaking out.

Tomorrow is open house so I will be working that bright and early at 11:30 am, it is a nice change from working at 9:00 am on the weekends. I am looking forward for the tours because I love talking to new families. The best part is talking to Dan Shelly, the director of Admissions he and I talk every open house about technology and implementation of it. It is a blast.