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finals week ahhh

Kahle Toothill on Monday, 14 November 2005. Posted in Coursework

It's finals and its not particualrly my favorite time of year. But I've found out that its not too bad. After studying so much, I relaize that just a change a atmosphere can cheer me up. Instead of staring at the same blank walls of my cubicle in the library, I dared to venture into Java Wally's, the coffee shop within our library, to get some studying done. Usually, it's a little chatty and the music is playing and the big comfy couches are occupied by avid nappers. But not on Saturday nights! First on all, it's not uncool to be in the library on a Saturday night before finals. And secondly, what better place to study than where you can consume some good joe and an oversized cookie all while listening to the softly playing Bob Marley album in the background. I was content. After a good study session, I took some time just to sit and look at the window. It was a revelation. I swear. I got this "life can't be any better" vibe. Yeah, that doesn't happen very often during finals. But I realized that sometimes I just need to surround myself with my favorite things and studying isn't so bad. So as you walk among the random coffee tables and furniture in Java's, curl up on your favorite colored couch with you favorite text book and drink up coffee lovers. Finals week doesn't have to be so bad.