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Finals Week 'Oh my Gosh'

Jon-derek Castagno on Monday, 27 February 2006. Posted in Academic Calendar, Coursework

Hey all. So it is finals weeks at last; the end of the quarter no more of the same. New things are starting to begin. I really only have 1.5 finals, I say that because I have math and a written java final, our last practical was on Thursday and my believe is that if you can code it you can write about it and know the definitions at least I hope so. I had my modern European history test Thursday also and that class has no final. My writing final was a 7 page research paper, ewww I know you’re telling me. It was not fun.
Onto more depressing news. I have been sick since Wednesday evening. A horrible thing it has been. Word of advice Never get sick before/during finals it is miserable having to take the tests and study while feeling like yuck. But I am slowly getting better which is good, I hope to be better by break.
Okay now the part we have all been waiting for the “Dotes Song”. This post the song is one that you may have heard on the TV show “The OC” entitled “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap. It is a great song I heard about it through good ol’ iTunes recommendations and I have since found out it was on the TV show. Definitely give it a go.