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Jon-derek Castagno on Thursday, 01 March 2007. Posted in Coursework

So I only have two finals this week which is pretty nice last week I had a final and I have one online final that I have already done. Therefore, my two finals are for intro to database and modeling and international relations. So I have been doing a little bit of studying but much more importantly I have been doing a live of relaxing and partying. Finals at RIT are tremendously time consuming and of importance because after its done you get to go home next which is really cool and really amazing it is also very stressful because all these exams are worth at least 15% grade on average but some are worth space 30% or more shocking isn’t.

So Command and Conquer 3 has been a complete blast to play it has really done a good job of keeping with the store cool and artistic beauties of the command and conquer series. That is particularly impressive for EA when it feels like all they do is just buyout companies that have a great series and continue to make games that continue along that series but suck and suck terribly.

So the Dotes Kick Ass Song the week is a hard choice, but one that is easily made as I go through my leverage codified a song that I think qualifies for this momentous importance It sticks out to me. The song is entitled “Sinnerman” by Nina Simone. Man you have got to check this out. It is a complete blast the beat is nice along with the sound that is throughout the song that I can’t even think of a name to describe. Check it out!