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Finishing Strong

Josh Vickerson on Friday, 23 November 2012. Posted in Coursework

It's no secret RIT's quarter system is brutal. Ten week courses have an accelerated pace versus the traditional fifteen weeks (semester length) found at other institutions. By week 10, most students are thoroughly exhausted and more than ready for the upcoming break. I certainly experienced this each quarter last year and the end of fall quarter this year feels no different.

 My week 8 was disrupted when at the end of week 7 I received news that my grandfather had passed away. A trip back to Maine was in order. In total, I missed 4 days of classes.

Since returning to campus, I've not been having much fun. Upon my return, I was not only smack in the middle of week 8, but I had to play catch up. Being buried in past assignments and having fresh ones thrown on top is very demotivating. I was left to prioritize assignments; which are worth the most and which ones can I stand to not do? The unfortunate leave I had to take certainly threw my life into a state of panic, not to mention has left my impending 4.0 hanging by a thread. Fortunately, I'm all caught up and now I'm just trying to make it through the end of the quarter.

I have projects to finish, homework to do, material to learn, labs to complete and finals to study for. Like every other tiger, it's time to fuel up on caffeine, put my head down, put Gangnam Style on repeat and get my stuff done. The quarter closes quickly and time waits for no man. Time to finish strong.