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First assignment, first problem

Joe Conley on Saturday, 09 December 2006. Posted in Coursework

So Andy gave us some sample code to create a basic window in direct x, but he compiled it in DirectX 8.0 so we would have to change it around to work with 9.0c, the version we're using for the class.

The problem I'm having however is that certain header files that are referenced were not found in compilation. They were directx libraries (dinput.h, d3dx8.h, & d3d8.h), so I did some looking around on the web, and it appeared as though I needed to install the directx SDK to get those files. So, I did that, but it still couldn't find the files. I tried to add the files as a reference, but the reference window appears different than it used to. I'm used to it having a big list of all the different libraries it knows about (like office or enterprise library), but it doesn't have that. Instead, it has an Add New Reference button that opens a list of project names and project directories, but the list is empty. Under that, there's an Additional reference search paths area, which I added the path to the directx SDK Include folder, but that didn't help it compile.

I've exhausted all the ideas I have on how to fix this, so I guess I'll work on something else for now.