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First Post

Brian Lopipero on Tuesday, 27 March 2007. Posted in The Arts

So my first post, finally!!! This quarter has been going great. Great classes, teacher, friends and FUN. Packaging classes this quarter have been amazing. I love all my teachers…they are so excited about everything packaging and they bring such life to class. It makes it hard to not be excited about what I’m doing. Lets not forget I made my first package, a sweet folding carton. Ok, so classes are amazing, but nothing can compare to all the fun I’m having with my friends. This past weekend was the Brick City Singers concert. It was such a good time. My friend from home cam to the concert, and she hung out with me after the concert. We got to go back with the RIT Brick City Singers to meet their guest groups and hang out. It was such a great time. I didn’t go to bed until 3:30 mainly because I was locked out and needed my RA to let me in. Then on Sunday I had an early practice for 8Beat, the acapella group that I’m in. It was the best practice of my entire life…I think it is because seeing BCS performed got us siked for our own show. Ahhhh so exciting. I love spring quarter…..END OF STORY!!!


O also I hate chem. Lab but I will save that for another blog.



O yeah and here’s a picture of the Brick City Singers at their concert, which was amazing.n24403334_30288997_3794.jpg