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First Timer...

Jacqueline Robinson on Monday, 13 August 2007. Posted in Student Life

I have never blogged in my life. Yes that's right I've never blogged until now, so I ask that everyone bear with me. I had so many different experiences at R.I.T I have the slightest idea what to write about. Hm....  Well today it was brought to my attention that I can be very persuasive, when I meet with a family or just student and have to opportunity to get a feel of who they are and what would be their interest at R.I.T I can convince (pretty much break down to) them this is the school for them. Now you might be thinking yeah right she can't convince me, it might not work on everyone but I can convince at least 95% of the students to have R.I.T in their top 3 choices if R.I.T has the major they are interested in R.I.T is such a great school and I couldn't have been happier that I came here. So if you really want me to break down to you how R.I.T is the right school for you just let me know. I can't give my secret away in this blog, but there is only one way to find out.Sealed  Laughing  Tongue out