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Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 26 March 2009. Posted in Dining, Rochester & Monroe County

I promise you that you will not go hungry while you are at RIT. On campus there are plenty of places to eat and a variety of food. If you want to know more about those, I'll tell you, but I promised Sebastian from last night's accepted student chat that I'd write about off campus food.

RIT is located in Henrietta, a busy suburb of Rochester. There are plenty of chain restaurants within minutes of campus. Downtown Rochester itself is only about fifteen minutes away and there's plenty more places to eat there! Also, since freshman are allowed to take cars to campus, you can easily find a ride with friends or take the bus.


Park Point is relatively new development located at the edge of campus. There are four main restaurants there, plus a pizza place and an ice cream place. I still have yet to try everything at Park Point...I still have a few more weeks though.

Lovin' Cup is a coffee place/cafe/bar. They had soups and sandwiches and appetizers, so this isn't the best place if you are REALLY hungry. At night time they have entertainment like bands and open mic nights. They are also open late.

TC Riley's is a pub-style restaurant. They offer more filling meals. I've only been there a few times and I was pleased every time.

Wok With You is an Asian restaurant. They have tons of sushi options, but if you're not a fan, they have other things too. Now they they're open, they are the closest Chinese food place to my apartment. This makes me happy. Plus they have HUGE portions.

< 10 MIN

If you're ever hungry and don't know what you want, you can literally drive up and down Jefferson Road and choose from one of the MANY restaurants that line the street. I won't even list them all, so here's a sample of things close to campus.

Pickle Nick's is a sub shop just down the street from Park Point. I wrote a whole entry about Pickle Nick's over the summer, so you can read there for more details. They have both hot and cold subs and everything is made in the shop.

Red Robin is a really really really good hamburger place. It is a chain place, but they don't have them near where I'm from. My favorite thing here is the Bonzai Burger which is like Hawaiian Pizza meets a burger. Red Robin can get crowded at dinner time on Friday and Saturdays, so unless you want to wait, try on a week night.

Jay's Diner is an RIT favorite. It's open 24 hours a week and if you pay in cash, you get a discount with your RIT ID. It's also located across the street from the dollar theater, so for a cheap date, go here for dinner!

Buffalo Wild Wings is a chain wing place. They have two nights a week where they have discounted wings. In addition to wings they have wraps and sandwiches too. They used to be located super close to campus, but they moved to a larger building down by Red Robin. They have many large projectors so it's a good place to catch March Madness!


Again, there are many wonderful restaurants in downtown Rochester. Here are a few of my favorites.

The Distillery is located on Mt. Hope Avenue. This is probably my parent's favorite restaurant in the area. If your parents come visit you at school, convince them to go here. My mom doesn't eat meat so it's hard to find restaurants we all agree on.

John's Tex Mex Eatery is my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world. It's cozy and cheap and the food is AMAZING. Once again, I'm sure I wrote an entry all about this place not too long ago. If you only have $5 and want a lot of food, go here.

KC Tea and Noodles has good stir frys and my favorite part -- BUBBLE TEA. I actually prefer the bubble milkshake. So far this is the only place I know of in Rochester that has it so it's worth the trek.

Magnolia's is a cute cafe on Park Ave. Their sandwiches are named after the various streets in the neighborhood. In the nice weather, they have outdoor seating.


Cheesecake Factory is always a winner. It's located in Pittsford on Monroe Ave. Sometimes my friends and I will drive out there just to get slices of cheesecake and bring them home for dessert!!