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Megan Chapman on Monday, 31 January 2011. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

Well the weather sure has been fitting for the upcoming annual Freezefest at RIT.  I'm pretty sure the temperature was 1 degree this morning.  Freezefest is an amazing famous people coming to RIT, free stuff, rail jammin', cook off havin', runin' good time at RIT.  Everyone tends to get a little too "hermited up" during the winter months and Freezefest is one way to get everyone out.  Freezefest, like Springfest in the Spring is an event organized by the College Activities Board, CAB.

Every year CAB finds cool stuff to give out at promos for the four Thursdays before Freezefest weekend.  This coming Thursday is t-shirts and last Thursday was Freezefest beanies and sno-caps.  And yes, I went to my 12 o'clock class late just to get the free swag and I intend on doing it this Thursday.  Everything is being given out at noon on Thursday inside the Student Alumni Union (SAU) at noon and they give til it's gone so get there early.


The main attraction this weekend is comedian Aziz Ansari on Friday night.  Tickets for students are $17 so it's a mega deal, still gotta get my ticket.  Also, RIT Men's Hockey plays Air Force Friday and Saturday nights.  This game is a tough one because my heart says Air Force, but my brain says RIT.  For those of you who don't know, I am a native Coloradan and live 5 minutes from the Air Force Academy.  Either way it is always a great game between these two rivals.  Be on the lookout for twitter and facebook updates from myself and the res of the crew of "5 RIT Students " as to the score and major goings on at the game and all Freezefest weekend. 

Other events that are going on include a chili and dessert bakeoff, Rail Jam, 5k run, and much much more.  Check out CAB 's website for the full calendar of events for the weekend.

Get ready to FREEEEEEZE!