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From Jupiter

Cynthia Roberts on Monday, 13 October 2008. Posted in Co-op

What?  From Jupiter rose from what I can only assume is the ashes of Class Clown (I can't find them anywhere on the internet therefore the must no longer exist right? right).  Anywhooo, for those of you not from Vermont or familiar with local Vermont bands Class Clown kind of ruled the local music scene in Vermont while I was in high school and for a few years after I came to RIT too.  Then they moved to California, made two full length albums, and apparently fell off the face of the planet. 

So imagine my surprise when I open the Sonic Bids this Monday morning (now afternoon) and discover the band From Jupiter created by two of the former members of my beloved Class Clown?!?!?!  And the best part is they aren't half bad.  I'd push them through if they sent in a music video which is missing from the submission.  So I'll just have to settle for listening to the 10-odd songs in the submission instead and they will have to settle with not winning a spot.  SEND IN A VIDEO!!!!!

So that's been my day at work. 

And in non-work related news (although I'm sitting here at my desk so technically it is work related right?  right), I was reading through the news of the music world from this weekend when I discovered the abomination that is network television restricting free speech with made up (or in this case over-turned) laws that say you have to give equal time to presidential candidates. 

Let me explain:

Guitarist for No Age, Randy Randall was making an appearance on The Late Late Night with Craig Ferguson which is aired on CBS.  He was wearing an Obama shirt (shocking I know) and after the rehersals the powers that be at CBS told him he couldn't wear the shirt citing the Fairness Doctrine which was repealed in 1987 (21 freaking years ago).  Of course who would know that off the top of their heads though?  Randy refused not to wear the shirt saying he wouldn't mind if they hung up a McCain shirt too but to no avail.  So he finally turned the shirt inside out and wrote Free Healthcare on it and went on to tape the show.  It should also be noted that Regina Spektor was allowed to wear her Obama belt last week on Conan when she performed with Ben Folds (which was GREAT by the way you can watch it on 

Stupid CBS.

You can read all about it here

and check out the pictures of how happy Randy and Dean were before the whole spectacle went down.

Also, go vote.  Please for the love of all things wonderful (like free speech) go vote.

And have you noticed how Kanye is the next Daft Punk (as in ripping them off AGAIN)

Kanye on his new album:
"I had all these ideas and I just needed to get it out as an artistic vision. I don't have a rapper's name, [but] I have really good taste and anyone who likes it probably has really good taste too."
i.e. I realize that Daft Punk is a huge name and hugely popular still so if I just do what they do I'll be popular too!

Not to diss Kanye, he makes the uber catchy tunes which I do have on my iPod so obviously I can't be trusted.  Maybe if I paint myself green and start banging on paint covered drums I'll become a successful stage act.

I apologize for the biting sarcasm.  I have no idea what got into me.

Lastly, another little bit of entertainment for you.  I was joking around with my mom the other day (she's actually a quite funny lady) about how I have to get a job in a swing state.  This is my cover letter to AltPress (a music magazine located in Ohio):

Dear AltPress,

Please hire me.  I need to move to Ohio so I can register as a voter in a swing state where my vote can do more than it does now being a democratic voter in Vermont (which is always democrat and doesn't exactly have a election altering number of electoral votes).

Cynthia Roberts

**Please realize this is not real even remotely.  Although should I ever interview with AltPress and they ask me 'why on earth do you want to move to Ohio?' I will answer with that exact phrase. 

Honesty is the best policy folks.