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Fun in the Big Apple

Jeff Maher on Tuesday, 14 March 2006. Posted in Student Life

I'm happy to report that I survived finals, grades turned out pretty well, and my health appears to be in a good state. *phew*

So, to celebrate all of the above, my two roomies (Karl & Eric) and I took a nice four day road trip out to the metropolis that is New York City. I pushed particularly hard for this destination since I had only been there once and only got to see the United Nations. Taking off Friday (3/3), we passed over the Triborough Bridge shortly after the sun had gone down. This meant that we were just in time to experience the awe and wonder of the city lights from a distance. Really folks - wow!

After getting over my initial "country boy" shocks and figuring out how the subway works (Karl is from north Jersey and showed me the ropes), the real fun began. We did a bunch of tourist traps (Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Times Square, etc.), went to an awesome comedy club called Standup NY, and tried to eat at a whole bunch of "hole-in-the-wall" food places to acquire the authentic NYC taste. Good times indeed.

While we had a plethora of photographs, the following three were the best ones I took.

Central Park

We spent a good chunk of time roaming around Central Park. It's amazing how you can go from urban jungle to massive park so fast! Combined with the fact that just about everyone in the above picture could NOT skate and that I didn't bring my skates, I passed on the ice skating this time.


This is a shot of part of Manhattan from the Ellis Island ferry. Since Ellis Island was one of the last things we did, this view definitely gave us the impression that our adventures in NYC had only scratched the surface of all the things to do and places to go.

Me & Evil Lego Robot

It goes without saying that I'm a big geek and FAO Schwartz definitely let me revel in my "nerd-dom". There were two large robots in the store, but both were made entirely out of legos! Crazy! Anyway, I took a picture with the "good" and "evil" robots, but the "evil" robot picture came out better - so here it is.