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GameStop to acquire Rhino

Joe Conley on Saturday, 06 January 2007.

Rumor is GameStop is looking to acquire more rivals after they recently bought out their biggest competition, EB Games. Ars Technica writer Ben Kuchera has written an article on how GameStop will improve Rhino games after the speculative purchase:

  1. "Don't pay associates as much. The real GameStop experiences comes form the disinterested, snobby, and pushy employees. The only way to ensure that attitude is to make sure everyone is making close to minimum wage. If you were used to sales-based bonuses: managers, expect those to go away as well! Don't worry, you'll still have high goals when it comes to pushing replacement plans and preorders, but instead of positive reinforcement, if you don't sell enough, they will fire you!

  2. Make sure the stores are dirty. With the change in #1 in place, this one practically takes care of itself! We're going to need big gaping holes in displays where games should be, unfinished displays of accessories, and alphabetical order is best avoided altogether. We want this to feel like a down-home swap meet, so make sure as many games as possible are opened. We don't want people getting that "I'm actually buying a new game," feeling, so crack those cases and look annoyed when people ask for a sealed one!

  3. Selling new games at all is bad. If someone asks for a new game, first give them a guilt trip about not preordering it. If they don't preorder, how will we get more of their money? If we just got the game people asked for in a quick and courteous manner, there would be anarchy! After the guilt trip about preordering, offer to sell them an open copy that an employee has taken home and played. Look annoyed and put out if you have to find a sealed one. If they still want to buy the game from you after you treat them this badly, and surprisingly this will happen every now and again, make sure you continue to annoy them by pushing as much add-on crap in as abrasive way as possible until they walk out!

  4. High prices, low trade-in. When they want to trade in a game, it's beat up, old, and no one wants it. Only give them $5. When someone wants to buy that game, it's in great condition and high demand, and while it's scratched, that just means you should buy this disc repair kit! Now sell that same game for $44.99, and don't forget the replacement plan! This is one of the many ways we can afford to keep the stock prices up and employee benefits and pay so low!"

Having worked at GameStop for a year, I'd can certainly attest to all of that being more than true, and as much of a bad shopping experience GameStop is, working there is far worse. Just ask anyone who continued working at EB Games after the merger, if they haven't already quit.