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Amanda Lasicki on Tuesday, 10 October 2006.

i am so incredibly forgetful. i hate it. for instance, i lost my class ring like the second week i was here. i just cannot remember when i took it off. i can remember where i last saw it. it was in my jewelry box. i just can't remember when that was. this happens all the time. right now, it's my business card for work. i had it on my desk. i swear i saw it here last week. but now it's not here.

most of the time when this happens, it's somewhere incredibly obvious. like when my keys were under a frisbee in the middle of the my floor for a week last year. or my jacket being on my bed. or the comb being on the tv. sometimes the items wind up in really bizarre places. like my glasses in a box of cookies...yeah. true story.

it's week six. i have to start planning my schedule for next quarter. it's not too crazy. i already know what professor i want for photo. so basically, i don't need to worry til registration. and then i have to fight to get that section and the section of H&A i want. M&P has so many sections and i don't really care which one i get.

my photo professor hasn't assigned our final yet. that worries me a bit because i am going to new york city for part of week nine and that means i might be missing valuable studio time. i suppose i always have photohouse studio i can use any time of day once i come back. still. i like planning my projects in advance.

speaking of that...i have to shoot a project tomorrow which i definately do not have planned!! we have to shoot glass. there's so many uses for glass. ahhhh. i also have to think of what environment it's in and then buy props. yay??

i ought to do that. or laundry. or eat the cookies my roommate just made. or find out the email for one of my jobs. /= i hate having so much to do and not knowing where to start.