Getting a Job

Christina Brooks on Thursday, 27 February 2014. Posted in Advising & Support, Co-op, Life After RIT

The one thing that attracted me most to RIT when thinking about colleges was how much RIT helps and supports you in the job searching process. My goal has to always been to get a job right out of college so I can put my expensive, yet well-earned degree to use. If you didn't know, RIT is big on co-ops here. To learn more about them, click here. Co-ops are great becuase they provide not only real world experience, but you get paid AND you aren't paying tuition. All win/win. Co-ops are a great way to get your foot in the door into the working world, and really look great on a resume with some real-world experience.

RIT also hosts two huge job fairs every year (one in the Fall and Spring). Hundreds of companies come to RIT to recruit RIT students, because they know with our classes and co-op experience, that we're great to employ. RIT also offers many other career fairs throughout the year geared toward different majors and categories. For example, there is a Packaging Science Career Fair, which is geared toward getting packaging science students co-ops and jobs! To learn more about these awesome career fair opportunities and to see some of the big name companies that come to recruit, click here!

The co-op office here at RIT also offer tons of resources for students not only looking for co-ops, but also for jobs. They host resume and portfolio reviews, mock interviews to help you prepare for real interviews with companies, and have a website for students called Jobzone, where hundreds of companies post listings for co-ops and jobs, avalible to just RIT students. Click here to learn more about the co-op office!

Basically, RIT will help you out in the co-op and job search process! Know your resources and utilize them, because they're here to help!

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