Getting a Student Job at RIT

Ricky B. on Monday, 03 February 2014. Posted in Student Life

One area of questions that comes up from time to time on my tours is that of on campus jobs. Prospective students and sometime their parents are curious about the opportunities and ease of being a student worker. Inquiries about wages, hours, and type of work are very common with nearly everyone who asks being very mindful that we are students before anything else (work shouldn't be our first priority).

Fortunately, the Student Employment Office is here to help! The office (or SEO as it is known on campus) does a great job of keep job opportunities listed and updated regularly. In addition to making sure you are allowed to work (by checking that you are legally able to work in the US and that you are a student) they act as the liaison between students and their employers.

While many jobs are listed on the SEO site, some are not such as the most common job of class note-taker. Other jobs like TA, tutor, or grader positions are usually handled by academic departments.

Prior to arriving at RIT for Freshman Orientation I had a job interview lined up and went to it during my first day on campus. Some jobs can be quite competitive and it's best to apply as soon as you see a job that's a good fit. I have held 5 different jobs while at RIT (one of them as a Student Ambassador). I moved around because I liked the experience and opportunities available to be in these different positions and enjoyed learning about different elements of RIT. Over the last few years I have expanded and developed my CV through diverse set of jobs that I've held.

I have a couple of tips that I have learned during my time as a student worker.

  • Have your resume current and ready to send out right away.
  • Look for a job before you actually need it. It may take some time to find a job and begin the interview process so plan on looking well before you plan on starting to work.
  • Follow the SEO on Twitter. Also, sign up to get tweet notification from them so jobs come to you!
  • Take advantage of the resources available to students from the Office of Coop and Career Services to prepare for interviews