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Girls Who Stare at Goats

Alissa Anderson on Friday, 18 December 2009. Posted in Academic Calendar, Student Life

It is finally the end of week three and that means two weeks off for Christmas break! In honor of the holiday spirit my mechanics class was cancelled this morning, and nothing fits better than a few extra hours to sleep. 

Tomorrow morning I will be heading back to Albany for the break. This quarter my parents let me take a car to school, so tomorrow I will be a carload of RITers back to the 518.  In the past I have always carpooled with friends to get home or have taken the train from Rochester to Albany.  Other students on campus fly home (the air port is about 10 minutes away), drive, or take the train. In the SAU there is a “Ride-Board” which is a system for students to find a carpool back to their hometown.


My favorite part of breaks from school is going home and visiting my siblings at their universities.  I always find it interesting that as a triplet we all ended up at different schools in 3 totally different majors. You would think that three individuals who were raised in the same home,  receiving the same schooling would result in similar college choices…. Even though the three of us are so similar, and are schools are so different, each university reflects out personality perfectly. Proving there truly is a college for everyone.  

Mary Jane is an environmental student (slash future dentist) at the University of Vermont.


Justin attends SUNY Albany in their college of business (but really we joke that he is a Football major, as his position on the team requires more time than his schooling).