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good morning sun

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 23 May 2007. Posted in Coursework, Residence Life

i like waking up early. does that make me a freak?? i like waking up on my own, no cell phone blaring the cingular melody to disturb my precious sleep. no cell phone blaring the cingular melody to work it's way into my dream as something else.

it's finals week. i have no finals. i'm really sick. i have to pack and move everything out (minus my bed and things i'm actually using) tonight. i leave tomorrow. i know i've already mentioned that. 

i always feel like there is so much to do in the last week of being anywhere. i can remember summers of sitting around and doing nothing and always saying "oh we should hang out, we should go do this" and none of those things ever happened. and then suddenly school is about to start and you realize you've done nothing and you cram everything into that last week. the same thing has sort of happened now. people i was friends with last year, in the beginning of the year we said that we should hang out and never have. sometimes i think college would be perfect if we didn't have, you know, classes. quizzes. tests. homework. 

i'm looking forwards to summer. it wasn't exactly the summer i planned. i can deal. i get to travel. i get to go to disney world. i get my own room. i get to work more than i have any summer before. a bunch of my friends will be here, although last night i did find out that one of my best friends might be going home due to a better job offer. that bummed me out a bit.

i'll be updating this summer, so you can read all about my adventures in pennsylvania, delaware, florida, connecticut, and good ol' rochester. 

once again, i'm trying to upload an image of me and my friends from photohouse at our last gathering of the year. and once again, i'm having issues. hopefully some day this summer jp can just sit me down and explain it all to me and then my entries will be SICK. (but not in the coughing icky way) oh wellll.

peace out.