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Gordon Field house

Lizz Sawyer on Friday, 28 February 2014. Posted in Athletics, Residence Life, Student Life

Photo Cred: Cannon Design (google)The Gordon Field House & Activities Center is one of, if not my favorite place at RIT. This 160,000 sq. ft. facility has so much to offer any student - not just athletes or workout enthusiasts. So for anyone who hates physical activity - just think saunas or hot tubs. Yupp, we have those here too! I remember my first tour of RIT, my sophomore year of high school, and the moment we entered the HUGE Gordon Field house I knew I wanted to go here. Now I know not everyone finds such joy in an athletic facility but it's so much more than that! Within this building is the Hale Andrews Student life center, which includes the fitness center, basketball courts and more.  We also have the RIT Red Barn just a small walk away on campus for anyone who enjoys rock climbing. I will list just a few awesome things about this place, and maybe you'll fall in love too

  • 20 - 25 person hot tub.
  • Recreation pool - water basketball and volleyball
  • Lazy River - meant to be a resistance lane, but we're in college..therefore it is a lazy river to us
  • Three tracks total - 2 indoor, one of which is suspended; 1 outdoor track
  • Dance Studios
  • Boxing rooms
  • Spinning rooms
  • 7 Racquetball courts
  • 5 multipurpose courts
  • Squash court
  • Locker rooms - with saunas =)
  • Equiptment cage
  • Two story fitness center - including stretching areas, massive area for cardio and another massive area just for weights


Still not impressed? (I doubt it) But incase you're not enthused yet... RIT offers personal training for students and free nutrition counseling. The fitness center, specifically the cardio area, has over 15 TVs that students can plug their headphones into a machine and tune in to. Every machine is new and actually works - most gyms I have been to the machines are scary and gross or don't work.  

Did I mention saunas? There are showers in each locker room and hair dryers for the girls (maybe the boys have them too?)

"The Cage" is there for students to take out..towels, basketballs, nets, racquets - anything that you need. All you have to do is swipe your student I.D. 

So lastly, the Gordon Field house also is home to the concerts on campus. We have had Snoop Dogg, Maroon 5, Macklemore, F.U.N and more. I am a music lover, if I go to a concert with 5 people I will end up completely lost from them - I go crazy for concerts. So not only does RIT even HAVE concerts ON campus, but they recruit the best artists.  We also hire magicians, and mentalists.  

Again I will say that I love this place on campus, it's a great design, offers so many things that pertains to every student, clean and modern, and good for your mental and physical health!


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Photo Credit : RIT News