Great Hockey game!!!

Marian Nicoletti on Tuesday, 03 February 2009. Posted in Athletics, Student Life

So, I went to the RIT Men's Hockey game on Friday.  It was an awesome game.  The RIT tigers have won 11 games in a row and we are the only team in Division 1 to have this record!  The game took place in downtown Rochester at the Blue Cross Arena.  It usually takes place here on campus at the Ritter Ice Arena, but since this was a going to be a big crowd, the game played at a larger facility.

The crowd was pretty crazy.  The RIT Pep Band was there stirring up all kinds of cheering along with making some friendly "cracks" at the opposing team.  RIT played against the USA 18 and under team.  These guys are pretty much competing for NHL draft picks within the next year or two, so they are all pretty amazing and are undefeated.  During this exhibition game, RIT certainly gave them a run for their money.  The Tigers challenged them the entire way, but eventually we lost 3-6.  Everyone there routing for the Tigers wore the school colors orange and brown/black.  It was a sea of orange in the crowd of about 3,000!  Student Affairs bused students down to see the game so a lot of RIT students showed up to support the team.

Go Tigers!