Half Way Through With Clinical Rotation #1

Samantha Cala on Friday, 09 November 2012. Posted in Coursework

It's almost week 10 (end of Fall Quarter) and by that time I will be half way done with my first Ultrasound Clinical Rotation at Rochester General Hospital!  I can't believe how fast it really is flying by!  It's only been 10 weeks and I've learned so much and have really improved my skills as a Sonographer. I've been doing a lot more on my own now and have been given many more responsibilites by my clinical instructor.

 Now I'm going to get patients by myself, searching them in the system to view and compare any previous imaging they've had, starting the exams by myself  without my instructor in the room, and actually presenting my cases to the Resident and Attending Radiologists.  It's weird, I feel so grown up now! It is a good weird though!  I'm starting to feel so accomplished and excited that this is what I'm going to be doing after school!

I will be heading back to RIT soon though. During finals week we will return from clinical for a week of lecture and finals as well.  It's going to be great being back on campus but now being so used to working at the hospital, I'm feeling more and more ready to be out in the real world!   Again, it feels weird almost being like a grown-up,  but it is a change I'm really starting to enjoy!