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Halfway through Fall Quarter

Kahle Toothill on Thursday, 05 October 2006.

It's almost the end of Week 5! That means that midterms are coming up and that means only 5 more weeks until I go to Florida! I'm so excited. This week has been going very well. Heck, this quarter has been going very well. I play on 3 intermural sports teams and I love every second of it. This week was my friend, Derrick's 21st birthday so a bunch of us went to Prepps, a bar in downtown Rochester and it was so much fun. (Everyone oes to Prepps on their birthday b/c they drink for free). Here is a pic of Niki, Derrick, Me and Ange at Prepps.

I met a few kids from St. John Fisher (another local college). Today is also one of my sorority sister's 21st birthday and it's my 22nd. When I woke up in the morning, my roomie had 22 balloons hanging in front of my door and a big sign on our bathroom mirror. I loved it! I CAN'T WAIT for this weekend! Tonight I have some fun things planned and then tomorrow is the Yellowcard concert here on campus. Saturday morning I'll be attending the women's rugby game and then my parents will be here for Brick City Weekend (our homecoming/alum weekend). We had dinner reservations for Mario's, a really nice Italian restaurant about 10 minutes from here. Saturday night I'm having a birthday party so that should be fun :) The theme is preps and jocks.