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Game Design and Development
Morristown NJ

Hallo! Ich bin Carl!

Carl Domingo on Friday, 28 June 2013.

Hey everyone! My name's Carl! For those of you that don't know German, that's what the title means. I actually only took German for a quarter (when those existed) at RIT, so that's probably the best that you'll get out of me.

I'm from Morristown, NJ, a cool mini-city in North Jersey. It's only about an hour from New York City by train, so it was always within reach if I wanted to trek through the concrete jungle. Where I'm from, canadian bacon is called taylor ham, I never had to pump my own gas, and I love the Jersey Shore (no, not the TV show), land of awesome boardwalks and weekend getaways.

Now, onto why I am here, writing to all of you! I am a Student Ambassador and have been ever since the beginning of my sophomore year. Currently, I work in the office assisting with the various work that needs to be done to enter any prospective students into the system. I also work as a blogger (if you couldn't already tell!), where I will be detailing cool events and opportunites at RIT.

Iactually started this job as a tour guide, bringing families around the school and showing them all the cool stuff that RIT has to offer (and boy is there a lot). Admissions is the main reason I stayed here over the summer, because I love this job so much, and I really enjoy being able to share my experiences about the school with all of you!

I'm currently a rising junior here studying Game Design and Development. If you're a Game Design major, I am willing to bet that you'll see me around the Game Lab pretty often. It's where I spend almost all of my academic year, besides when I'm in class or at home sleeping. Hopefully, I'll have the chance to be a labbie this year, so I may even be helping you with your projects if you end up asking a labbie for assistance. I'll actually be posting about computer labs and PCs in general in a bit, so you'll understand why I'm in the labs so often (hint: THEY ARE REALLY USEFUL).

Aside from my major, I do a lot of other extracurriculars at this school. During my freshman year, I was a member of the Wellness floor, where people were dedicated to doing physical activities (I played A LOT of lacrosse and frisbee). I was also a member of RIThym, the RIT breakdance club, for a short period of time.

As a sophomore, I was for two quarters a Peer Mentor for Discovery and Pathways classes, which will now be called YearOne, where you are introduced to systems and organizations that will be very useful to you throughout your undergraduate career. I also have become a Student Ambassador for the School of Interactive Games and Media (our site is at, where I assist with all the big events that IGM hosts, along with teaching students about IGM specifically. I love talking with you all so much that I wanted to do it twice as often!

I also helped to found the RIT Ukulele Club on campus, where I currently have a seat on the Executive Board as the club Librarian; as Librarian, it is my job to catalog all the music that the Club has learned to play, as well as teach any new people. If anyone is interested at all, feel free to drop by! We love meeting new people and sharing our passion of the uke!

When I'm not working this summer, I'm either trying to polish up my skills by remaking my personal website (which can be found here: *be warned it's less that spectacular*), learning Objective-C and PHP so that I can make some sweet mobile apps, playing pick-up frisbee, or rock-climbing at the Red Barn, the campus rock gym.

Anyways, that's enough from me. Hopefully I'll have a chance to meet you all soon! Auf Wiedersehen!