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Halloween Confession

Kahle Toothill on Thursday, 01 November 2007. Posted in Athletics, Student Life

I'll admit - I was lame this year and didn't dress up and go out; Which is the reason why I can't come up with a creative story to tell you about my Halloween festivities. I did go to the RIT hockey game vs. Cornell at the Blue Cross Arena downtown with a bunch of friends from my MBA program here. We ran into several of our professors there too! That was all the fun I needed for the weekend. On Friday we're all planning on going to the home game as well, so I'll keep you updated with some action pictures. My mom did happen to send me an email with a bunch of cute Halloween pictures, I'll share my favorites with you.  My mom also facebooked me the other day which was a little unexpected - but anyways, we're facebook friends now.  And she's probably reading this too.... so, HI MOM!

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