Happenings in the Brick City

Christina Brooks on Monday, 18 October 2010. Posted in Athletics, Student Life

Coming from a small private school in Northern VA where little emphasis or attention was put on sports, homecoming was never a big deal for me. Homecoming at RIT, however, is a big deal. And for with good reason too. Granted, my high school had roughly 230 students compared to RIT’s 17,206 student body, so not much was needed for entertainment back then. RIT goes all out for their homecoming though and let me tell ya, it was a blast.

From Al Pacino to the intense hockey game Saturday night, RIT had plenty of events to keep you busy for the weekend! My parents drove up for the weekend so it was nice to see them too.
My favorite event of the weekend would have to be the hockey game. Having never even watched a hockey game in my life, I can proudly say I’ve been converted. Next on the list is to actually learn the rules of hockey.

The game was intense, going back and forth in points the whole time. RIT was up 4-3 in the 3rd period, but in the last second (actually to be precise, 1.3 seconds remaining), UMASS scored, tieing it up 4-4. Going into overtime, no further scoring was made by either team, leaving the score 4-4, resulting in a tie game.  And a tie is always better than a lose.

It was really cool seeing so much school spirit and everyone cheering on RIT. It was especilly neat to see nearly everyone wearing orange or other RIT gear. The Corner Crew was also great, keeping the energy high and getting everyone involved in the game.
Here’s a link to their facebook page to learn more about them.

Now that Brick City Homecoming weekend is over and all of the parents are gone, its time to focus back on the school work and get through week 7!

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