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happy labor day

Amanda Lasicki on Monday, 04 September 2006. Posted in Academic Calendar, Clubs, Coursework

of course, i have class today. YAY RIT. actually, i don't mind at all. i was getting tired of sitting around the house all day. however, one thing that was totally not cool was having a seven page lab assigned LAST NIGHT. as in before classes start. so yeah, second year of college. as my professor kept repeating "this is not high school."

last night was the first photo house meeting. even though i don't live on the special interest floor, i'm an off floor member meaning i can use the facilities and have card swipe access to get upstairs. on mondays i finish class at 10 and then i have to give a tour at 12 so in between i went to photo house to hang out and do some reading for a class.

i have work at 6 at the photo cage, so i sorta have this big block of free time. i'm watching extreme home makeover [i LOVE that show] and right now the family that they're helping, the parents are deaf. there's interepreters and even some of the "crew members" learned a bit of sign. i guess i feel some sort of connection since we share a campus with NTID. they also put in a lot of technology like a video intercom and also strobes for the fire alarm. they're about to give some college money to the oldest son and i'm sorta hoping it's from RIT/NTID.

so yeah, i've only had one class so far. in fact, i won't even have all my classes until the end of the week because i have one class that meets friday only. i really like classes being in session again though. i've been seeing people i haven't seen or talked to all summer and it's nice.

okay, so i watched as i wrote this and then I MISSED IF THE MONEY WENT TO A SPECIFIC SCHOOL. shucks.