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heat waveeeeee

Kahle Toothill on Tuesday, 01 August 2006. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County

As I'm sure most of you know there's been a heat advisory issued for most of the northeast for the next couple days. I'm near the ocean so it's a little cooler here (but not much!) than in Rochester. RIT even went to the hassle of sending out emails to the whole campus lettign them know about the weather and some precautions to take. It was comforting to know that the administration cares about us... espicially the students who don't watch the news or go outside. If it wasn't for the fact that they check their email account every 1.394 seconds, they may have never known about the 100 degree weather encompassing their apartments/dorms. Ok, maybe that's a little harsh, but bottom line: RIT cares about us.

Yesterday my friend Amy and I went to one of the local beaches at night to take a walk. It was packed. I even ran into my friend Jordan there. He goes to RIT and that's how we know each other but he lives in RI for the summer. There was also lifeguarding competitions earlier but we missed them which is really too bad because they do have some good looking guys working there for the summer. haha

Ok back to some research. Only 6 more days of work until my presentation ahh!!

sunset in newport ^