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Hello Summer

Emily Okey on Tuesday, 01 June 2010. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

It's summer! I'm trying not to gloat too much because my sister (as well as many of you) are still in school. 

RIT got out a little over a week ago and I have to say I'm really enjoying the time off. My summer schedule is a little chaotic just because I'm not in one location for a very long period of time. But it will keep things interesting! 

The day after I was finished with finals (which were not nearly as stressful as I feared) I headed off with a group of around 25 other students from InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (an organization on campus) to head up to the Adirondacks for a week long retreat. Best decision for detox from school/life ever. A week in the Adirondacks surrounded by nothing but friends, music and nature. Excellent.


I mean, who would not want to have free time where you can lay back and look at a view like that? RIT should really consider moving its' campus. Stress levels (along with completed homework would decrease significantly...) actually maybe that is a bad plan.



One of the highlights was actually during a thunderstorm on the last night (which i was not exactly that thrilled about because we were outside on a mountain under trees....) but we found a covered bridge that connected two buildings and sat in there while people took turns requesting songs, singing and talking =) Good way to spend the last night even if the rain did cancel the bonfire that we were supposed to have.


Overall just a fantastic week, I missed it the minute we got back to RIT. However, if I was there all of the time it might loose it's appeal. Have to come back to work sometime =)

I'm working at the admissions office for the next two weeks and then I'm headed home for a few days before flying out to Wisconsin.