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Hello Twenty Ten

Emily Okey on Friday, 01 January 2010. Posted in Athletics

Happy New Year!

As long as I have a semi-large audience here, I'd like to ask a question as this decade poses quite a problem... what are we supposed to call it? 2009 was '09, 2008 was '08, etc. But what is this? '10? Twenty Ten? Any ideas? Either way, i'm happy 2010 is finally here and we can get started on another good year.

I'm currently still home and enjoying this extensive 18 day break. The only problem? Homework. Unfortunately winter break is the only break that falls in the middle of a quarter. Fortunately I don't have too much to finish before I head back on Sunday. 

To further my procrastination skills, I'm watching the NHL Winter Classic! I'm rooting for the Bruins --they're playing the Philadelphia Flyers-- although I don't have too much of a preference. Too bad the Caps aren't playing! (There are rumors that they're playing in the winter classic next year). For those who might not know about hockey the winter classic is game which returns to hockey's original roots and is played outdoors. Although it's only been around for 3 years so far, it looks like the tradition is here to stay. 

Speaking of hockey games, RIT is playing it's first game of 2010 today at 8:37 pm against Minnesota State. From what I've heard, Minnesota State has the advantage but i'm still holding out for an RIT win ;) They'll also be playing again tomorrow at 8:07 pm. I really wish I was able to go to the games but I guess I'll have to wait and check online for the scores! Luckily, our first Friday back (the 8th) is the next home game so I don't have to wait too much longer. 

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays! A belated congratulations to those of you who have already been accepted! And good luck to those still in the process :)