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Hello World! (The Software Engineer's first blog post)

Andrew Bona on Tuesday, 20 January 2009. Posted in Clubs, Majors & Minors, Student Life

Hello World!

For those of you non programmers out there, "Hello World!" is typically the first program that is written in a new language.  And since is the first time that I am posting a blog, I decided that it would be appropriate for me to continue that...

So anyways, this is post is going to be about me.  Most of this information can be found in my profile, but there are some extra tidbits that I have been saving just for this post!

I am currently a third year Software Engineering major at RIT.  I am initially from Lancaster, NY (A suburb of Buffalo), so I live only about an hour from RIT.  I am currently living in Colony Manor apartments (which are on campus).  Even though I said I am a third year (which I am time wise), RIT considers me to be a fifth year by credit.  I entered RIT with about 32 credits, and from all the courses I have taken, I was able to skip a couple of years at RIT.  But I am still going to be here for 2 more years.  The reason for this is simple:  I am graduating with a major and (at least) 3 minors.  As I said earlier, I am a Software Engineering major.  I am currently working at minors in Management and Communications (with a public relations/advertising) track.  I also have a planned minor in Marketing.  Because of all these Business applications, I have been affectionately nicknamed "The Business Major" by my peers.

But enough with academics, time for some of the fun stuff!  I am not involved with many student  organizations at RIT, but I am heavily involved with the Society of Software Engineers.  This group was founded by students for students, and offers a wide variety of services.  These services include mentoring, social fun, and most importantly, networking!  That is where I come in.  I have been working with different companies and trying to establish firm relationships with them through the RIT Office of Cooperative Education.  Some of these companies you may recognize:  JP Morgan, Fidelity, IBM, BAE, Northrop Grumman, and Microsoft (just to name a few).  I actually have a meeting over coffee with some of the Microsoft recruiters in a couple of days....feel free to check us out at

Now for the personal info!  In my free time (and yes, I do have some free time...) I play video games with my roommate (we are actually going retro, and playing NHL 2002 on my PS2!), play guitar, watch movies on my movie projector, and just hang around the SSE Lab.  I am also captain of 3 intramural sports teams: a volleyball team, a soccer team, and a dodgeball team!  Unfortunately, these teams aren't very good... we've only won a total of 3 games this season.  Two of those were on forfeits...  But at least my team is fairly competitive by keeping the score close in all of the games!  We may lose, but we do have fun doing it ! Laughing

I'm not exactly sure what else to write about.... What else do you want to know?!?