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Here it goes again

Erin Supinka on Thursday, 01 December 2011.

Well, it's the end of week one of the Winter quarter for me. I am ten percent done. First off, that blows my mind. I just started! 

What's blows my mind more is the fact I am so excited for this quarter. I get excited before every new quarter. I absolutely love new classes and starting fresh again. I think it's probably one of my favorite parts about the quarter system; getting the opportunity to start fresh so many times. 

Why is that crazy?

Well, because just three weeks ago, most RIT students were stressed out and crazy about finishing the quarter. We couldn't wait for classes to be done. If I spent one more minute in the library, I felt like I might as well move in. 

I'm sure they wouldn't mind a small cot tucked in a corner somewhere. 

But here I am, excited, stoked, pumped, thrilled, whatever other word you can think of about new classes. I even went to the library to read today!

Quick turn around, huh? I guess I'm easy to please. Stress me out but give me something new to do and I'll forgive you.  

Maybe it's the love for learning something new or trying something different. Switching things up a bit, you know.

Or maybe it's my notion that this quarter is the quarter I'll be perfectly organized and on top of everything. I won't sleep in one day by mistake or forget about that exam until the night before. 

So...maybe that won't happen. I mean, I am human. And not an extremely organized one at that. But hey, the thought is what counts right? 

Follow along as I start my new classes!