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Hey Juniors, ready to take the SAT's/ACT's?

Bryan Adams on Friday, 14 January 2011.


We know you don’t like taking exams. Hours of critical reading, mathematical equations and the dreaded writing section! Is it all worth the trouble? I can assure you… it's well worth it!

Here are some things to consider:  

SAT and ACT scores are key indicators of college success.  Aside from your GPA these scores give us a chance to measure your current academic skills. Exams also determine how prepared you’ll be for scholarly work. RIT academic programs are unique.  Each major/program will draw from your skills in a variety of areas. Be mindful of how scores may vary from program to program.

Mean scores don’t mean we’re trying to be mean.  Don't panic when you hear an admissions officer tell you the mean SAT score. There are a range of low and high scores commonly acceptable for admission. Typically the scores fall in the mid 50% range of applicants for a particular program. When preparing for an exam, shoot for the optimal score within that range. The more exams you take the better your overall score.  (Yes, we do combine ALL of your test scores!)

Download a PDF version of our differential admissions requirements >>

Scholarships are closely related to exam scores.  Every little bit counts in the financial aid game. A majority of our scholarship programs use SAT/ACT data to determine the amount of merit aid you may receive.

Read more about RIT’s merit scholarships >>

Now you know some tidbits. Go forth and fear no test! Trust yourself and you’ll do fine. Remember, you have more than one opportunity to take these exams.

Visit ACT online to schedule your exam>>

Visit SAT online to schedule your exam >>

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