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Holidays at RIT

Amanda Lasicki on Saturday, 11 April 2009. Posted in Academic Calendar, Student Life

Since RIT is on the quarter system, we don't get a lot of the same breaks that other colleges do. Three day weekends? Unheard of here...unless you schedule yourself to have no classes on Friday which is quite easy to do. This weekend it seems particularly noticeable that we're at school while everybody else is home. Maybe it's the combination of Passover and Easter overlapping and me being sick. Hmm...

I actually forgot yesterday was a holiday. In the morning, I went on facebook and saw everybody's status saying things like "Home for the weekend, what's good tonight?" A lot of my home friends go to school closer to home than I do, so I just assumed that a bunch of people randomly happened to go home for the weekend. Later, I called my dad. I could hear he was in the car so I asked him where he was going. He told me Home Depot. Then I asked why he wasn't at work. He was like "'s a holiday, remember?" (The same thing happened on MLK day)

Some of my friends from RIT have gone home for the weekend, but plenty are still here. Last year I went home for Easter and because NOAC (Night of A Cappella) was the night before, I left that morning and drove back Monday morning in time for class. NOT FUN. Oh yeah, and I happened to be sick last Easter too, making the drive even less fun. After that disaster, I made no promises to my family to come home this year. Good decision. I have two exams next week, a bunch of papers due Monday, it's Big/Little week for my sorority, and as I mentioned earlier, I'm not feeling so hot.

To celebrate Easter, we are hosting an Easter fiesta at the Delta Phi Epsilon house on Sunday night. So far 21 people have said they are coming!! And yes, fiesta does mean tacos and you know how much I love tacos!!! This isn't the first untraditional Easter I've had. Freshman year my friend was up visiting and her and I along with some other kids from my floor ordered Chinese food.

Alright, so since I'm up early and there's not too many people around to bug me, I think I'm going to get started on some homework. Have a good weekend!