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Holidays at RIT

Amanda Lasicki on Saturday, 11 April 2009. Posted in Academic Calendar, Student Life

Since RIT is on the quarter system, we don't get a lot of the same breaks that other colleges do. Three day weekends? Unheard of here...unless you schedule yourself to have no classes on Friday which is quite easy to do. This weekend it seems particularly noticeable that we're at school while everybody else is home. Maybe it's the combination of Passover and Easter overlapping and me being sick. Hmm...

I actually forgot yesterday was a holiday. In the morning, I went on facebook and saw everybody's status saying things like "Home for the weekend, what's good tonight?" A lot of my home friends go to school closer to home than I do, so I just assumed that a bunch of people randomly happened to go home for the weekend. Later, I called my dad. I could hear he was in the car so I asked him where he was going. He told me Home Depot. Then I asked why he wasn't at work. He was like "'s a holiday, remember?" (The same thing happened on MLK day)

Some of my friends from RIT have gone home for the weekend, but plenty are still here. Last year I went home for Easter and because NOAC (Night of A Cappella) was the night before, I left that morning and drove back Monday morning in time for class. NOT FUN. Oh yeah, and I happened to be sick last Easter too, making the drive even less fun. After that disaster, I made no promises to my family to come home this year. Good decision. I have two exams next week, a bunch of papers due Monday, it's Big/Little week for my sorority, and as I mentioned earlier, I'm not feeling so hot.

To celebrate Easter, we are hosting an Easter fiesta at the Delta Phi Epsilon house on Sunday night. So far 21 people have said they are coming!! And yes, fiesta does mean tacos and you know how much I love tacos!!! This isn't the first untraditional Easter I've had. Freshman year my friend was up visiting and her and I along with some other kids from my floor ordered Chinese food.

Alright, so since I'm up early and there's not too many people around to bug me, I think I'm going to get started on some homework. Have a good weekend!

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  • Catherine Atneosen

    Catherine Atneosen

    13 April 2009 at 18:39 |
    This has been my concern for our son next year. We live so far away (1200 miles) and at first we didn't think we'd see him for Thanksgiving, now we might! His Christmas break will be no where near as long as many of his friends and he is bumming about that a bit. I don't think Easter will work, but maybe he'll come home at spring break? He says as long as I send Easter treats, he will be okay. We have been trying to make the most of holidays this year knowing that it won't feel the same next year. Yes, one more stress that we parents face!

    I hope that you are feeling better and good luck with all that homework!
  • Clarissa Baston

    Clarissa Baston

    16 April 2009 at 09:01 |
    whoa whoa whoa...what holiday did I miss?! It's crazy how in high school national holidays were something to look forward to, but now I don't even know when holidays are! The only time that I know when holidays are when my mom calls me and nags me to come home! But I suppose since i've been here for three years, i'm used to it.
  • Jane Homan

    Jane Homan

    16 April 2009 at 09:06 |
    I always remember Easter because of church (so Lent and all that good stuff), but yeah...any of those one day holidays I forget. Like I know Memorial day is coming up, but I have no idea when it really is.

    I think I'm used to not being home at the same time as everyone now. I just use that time to spend more time with my family (and my cat), and then I get to have my friends come visit me when they are on a break. So most of the time, I don't mind the whole holiday difference thing.
  • Emily Okey

    Emily Okey

    16 April 2009 at 09:48 |
    I don't really mind the breaks not lining up with all of my friends from home. It's definitely different from high school but you'll get used to it really soon and like Jane said, more time to spend with family. As for the not observing holidays like Easter, I don't really mind that either. I'm 7 hours away from home so I don't go home for the weekends. I think it works out best to be here for a full 10 (or 11) weeks and then go home (without homework!)
  • Matt


    16 April 2009 at 10:33 |
    A common question asked of Undergraduate Admissions when talking to prospective students is about our quarter system. This is probably the most common question with the exception of the cooperative education program. The funny thing is that these two pieces are very closely related.

    Honestly, RIT needs to be on the quarter system because of the cooperative education requirements for many of the majors. As a result, RIT students have different breaks than college students that are on a semester system. The biggest difference is the length of the winter break. The other difference would be that RIT students will get a full week for Thanksgiving, but will not get off for Easter.

    The winter break for an RIT student is two weeks long spanning from around December 20th to January 3rd. A student at a semester school will be home for about a full month, going back in late January. My opinion is that two weeks is plenty of time to be home in my parent’s home. Do not get me wrong, I love spending time with family. One thing you will come to realize as a college student is that the rules have not really changed all that much at home. Your parents live their lives in a certain way, which is not the way of a 20 year old college student! Another thought would be to have your best friend come to RIT and hang out for a week while they are still on break. It is always cool to experience a different college scene than your own.

    To me, the trade off of Thanksgiving and Easter is just fine with me. Personally, I would rather be home for Thanksgiving as opposed to Easter. Thanksgiving involves a huge turkey dinner, stuffing, and mashed potatoes with gravy. Easter is nice too, with all the chocolate and those little marshmallow puff things! However, I will take endless amounts of leftover turkey sandwiches over sweets any day!

    Being a former college hockey player at a semester school first and then here at RIT, I did not get any of these breaks! I was on campus early, mid-august, for preseason workouts! This involved a ton of running and weight lifting, and spending a lot of time building team camaraderie. I was not able to get home for Thanksgiving; we had that at a Booster’s house with all my teammates. For the winter holiday I was able to leave December 24th at dinnertime (after practice) and would have to come back on Christmas Day for a late practice. These were all my choices because that is what I loved to do.
  • Sheila Sarratore

    Sheila Sarratore

    16 April 2009 at 10:38 |
    When I was a student home was a 4 1/2 hour drive. For holidays like Easter it was possible but a couple years my roommates and I would have our own celebrations. It was kind of a nice break to color eggs and make a nice meal. I also got to spend my other breaks taking road trips to visit high school friends and cousins all around the country. If the breaks was different, that wouldn't have been an option.
  • Niek Chalet

    Niek Chalet

    08 May 2009 at 06:19 |
    I agree with Matt on the Thanksgiving comment. I feel the same about my holidays!
  • Matt John

    Matt John

    03 May 2010 at 00:32 |
    RIT may not be perfect, but if you're majoring in computer science, it is THE school to go to. I have learned a huge amount during my first year at RIT, and I will definitely return next year. All the students are very friendly and intelligent, and the professors are very helpful, and are always more than willing to answer questions. I highly recommend going here.


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