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Holy Chopped Off Hair

Cynthia Roberts on Saturday, 15 September 2007. Posted in Student Life, Women at RIT

So week 2 has ended with no serious injuries.

I managed to avoid getting the plague even though everyone else in my house came down with it.  (or at least got really sick).  I have my first exam on Monday (I know already!) but it shouldn't be too horrible. 

For all you business kids out there the most entertaining professor you will have is Professor Scully.

I cut off all my hair yesterday.  And when I say all my hair I'm not being dramatic or overexaggerating.  I mean I chopped off most of it. 

One of my closest friends from freshman year walked into our friends apartment last night and he didn't even recognize me.  His girlfriend figured it out and the realization finally hit him too.  It was kind of incredible.  I'll post pictures as soon as I get them myself.

So that was exciting. 

Tonight is the first "woman dinner".  Let me explain.

For the last 2 years the boys I know have this stupid tradition called man dinner.  Once every month or so they all get together, eat meat and potatoes in large quantities and never allow any girls to come.  I was allowed to go once because silly Aaron made the mistake of inviting me without consulting the other "men".  This will probably never happen again.  We've been known to crash this event but even that it rare.

So we finally decided to have woman dinner.  We've been talking about this forever but now it's actually going to happen.  Stacy went the the Public Market this morning and is bringing me some potatoes and onion so I can make a side dish.