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Home Again, Home Again

Emily Okey on Wednesday, 16 December 2009. Posted in Coursework

Week three has just about wrapped up for me and it’s time to head home for winter break! It’s so weird to think that it’s already time to get back ona plane because I feel like I just got back to winter quarter.  As always, breaks are much appreciated so I can’t complain.

Before break, let’s go through a run-down of what I’m taking this quarter.

Survey of Western Art and Architecture: Better known as art history, this class is a continuation of one that I took last quarter and I will be taking again next quarter as well. It covers everything from cave paintings right up to modern time. Right now we just finished up Early Medieval Europe so we’re moving right along. It’s actually quite interesting. I was a little afraid because the book almost weighs more than I do but I’m really liking my professor—she holds Saturday morning review sessions before the tests so that we can come in and review things on a more individual basis (the actual class has about 60).

Typography II: Also a continuation of last quarter, this is one of my required classes for my major. And something I’m in love with...typography! Okay, so I’m a little bit of a nerd. My sister can’t even stand tobe around me anymore because I point out every little nuisance on signs, posters or basically anything! Right now we’re working on a poster design using one word that we randomly picked out of a hat. It’s a little confusing when I explain it like that but it’s pretty much just an exercise to get us to look at letters more as forms rather than letters.

Photography for Non Photo Majors: A little known class at RIT, you can take photo classes even if you’re not a photo major… you don’t even have to be an art major! This is counting towards my studio credits; however,I was really interested in taking a photo class anyway so it works out great. Right now we’re just learning the basics, we’ve already been out on 2 photoshoots and had one critique so it moves pretty fast. Unfortunately my camera broke after the first shoot (insert huge sad face here). After over 2 hours oftrying to fix it, nothing worked. Guess I’m going to have to buy a new one overbreak.

ASL: ASL, also known as American Sign Language is pretty much exactly what it sounds like… an entire class dedicated to learning sign language! Definitely one of my favorite classes, plus I get to take it withanother one of the admissions ambassadors, which makes it even cooler. ASL is actually my concentration (which is basically a minor minus a class or two) so I’ll be taking more of these classes in quarters to come. A deaf professor teaches the class so the entire thing is taught in sign (obviously). Right now it’s moving a little slow for me because I’ve already picked up the basics fromliving on a deaf/hard of hearing floor last year but it’s definitely helpful to run through it again before moving on to bigger more complicated things! It also makes it slightly less stressful because this is 4 of my 18 credits that I already have some idea of what I’m doing.

Deaf Literature: This class is a requirement for the ASL concentration and one that I got into at the absolute last minute. Much like my ASL class, a deaf professor teaches this. However, this time the emphasis of the class is not learning ASL it ison learning more about deaf literature, which makes for a very tiring 2 hours!  I find myself getting super tired after trying to pay attention to that muchsign. It’s pretty cool because a little over half of my class is deaf and therest of the people in it are generally interpreting majors so pretty mucheveryone knows a ton of sign. Most of our discussions are all in sign as is the entire lecture, which makes things a little more exciting. I’m learning to keepup, I can understand most of the lectures and what is going on in the discussions my problem right now is just responding. I’m planning on doing apost a little later about the differences between ASL and English as there are quite a few as well as NTID (National Technical Institute for the Deaf) one of the really unique things about RIT.

Well, that’s it for now! After my last test tomorrow morning and a few hours of work, I get to go hop on a plane and head home for 18 days (there will more than likely be some blog posts between now and then, however)! Hopefully it stops snowing sometime before that though, it's been snowing pretty hard all afternoon/night.  Enjoy your holiday break :)