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Mechanical Engineering
West Sand Lake NY

Home Away From Home

Patricia Schiotis on Thursday, 03 June 2010.

After being home for nearly two weeks, I realize that my Home in Averill Park, NY does not seem like my only home anymore.  I come ‘home’ on my school breaks, and go on living my life how I left it after high school. But this is not the only place I call home anymore.  I feel like my other home is at RIT.

At RIT, I have begun my life as an independent.  I have learned to manage my time, and not rely on my parents for everything I may need. My first year consisted on the adjustment to dorm life, and my second year I lived in the Riverknoll Apartments.  I have realized that after two years, I can now call Rochester my home.  So much has changed in the two years of college I’ve completed so far.  My life is not the same as it was up through high school.

To me, Home is a place of comfort.  It’s a place where I stay in between the everyday activities of my life.  Even though my place of living has changed every year I’ve attended RIT, it doesn’t make it feel any less like home.  Just being on campus, relaxing and hanging out with my friends, I realize that although my home may be a dorm room, it is still home to me.

Being back in Averill Park, I have had a lot of down time.  It seems more like a vacation to come home rather than a living situation, whereas at RIT, I live my life between classes, work, and Zeta events. I know I am already anticipating the move back on to campus, and to be back in the normal routine of my college stage of life.  I am ready to go home to RIT.