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Home is Where the Burritos Are

Emily Okey on Saturday, 07 March 2009. Posted in Athletics, Student Life

Last week was finals week. I had my last final Thursday night at 6 pm so I had to stay around for that. I  didn't really have much else to do (other than a little studying) so my roommate and I decided to drive around Rochester on Wednesday. The stipulations of this "Grand Day Out" were that we were going to stop, turn or look at anything in our path that was cool and we would do everything without a map, gps, tracking device, sundial, compass, etc. We drove through downtown, stopped around at high falls, somehow ended up in charlotte, greece and ogden! Honestly, we don't really know which roads we took but we made it there and back with no maps! (it does help that we live close to the airport so we can follow the planes). We've already been making plans for our next adventure. That's one of the many great things about college-- you have the freedom to pick up and explore your surroundings (as long as you've finished your homework beforehand :) 

Since I was already sticking around for the final, I figured why not wait for the hockey games on Friday and Saturday! I'm so glad I did because they were AWESOME! The Tigers beat Air Force 6 to 4 in an exciting game Friday night. Despite it being finals week and everyone leaving for spring break, we were still able to gather a large group of people to come with us! Unfortunately the Tigers lost Saturday's game 3 1 although RIT and Air Force will share the 2009 Atlantic Hockey Association Regular Season Championship. The AHA quarterfinals will be next weekend March 13-15th! If you're in the area, you should definitely come cheer on the Tigers!



Spring break could not have come at a better time. As much as I love everything at school, sometimes a break is good. Plus, my roommate was able to join me which made it twice as fun! (as if we don't get enough of each other at school...). Ironically the day we came home it was snowing here (the biggest snowstorm in 3 years) and it was sunny in Rochester-- go figure. Not to worry, it's warmed up to almost 70 degrees today so we were able to enjoy some nice warm weather for our break! Ashley has never been to DC before so we got to do all of the traditional "touristy things": white house, capitol, smithsonian museums, washington monument, etc. It was a load of walking, but fun anyway. We definitely felt it in our legs the day after. To top everything off the NHL Washington Capitols Ice Hockey team was playing Thursday night at the Verizon center and they were having a "student's night" which meant a ticket & a chipotle burrito for $15 dollars. Burritos are probably my favorite food ever and I'm quickly becoming a huge hockey fan so it was perfect! 


the white house! 

tiger at the Museum of Natural History. 




Washington Capitals! 

Verizon Center in DC