Homework Got You Down?

Christina Brooks on Sunday, 02 December 2012. Posted in Advising & Support

One thing about college that doesn't change from high school is homework. And unfortunately, you'll probably have lots more of it in college. On the bright side though, you won't be in classes all day, leaving more time to do homework! Hooray!

Homework and I have a love/hate relationship. I know it's necessary and helps me learn/become a better designer, but sometimes I just really hate doing it. That's why balance is really important, in my opinion, to stay sane in college.
A tip I have is ya gotta balance out school and homework with something else! I personally joined my sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha, which really helps to balance out my school work, social life, and volunteer work. RIT offers so much I can't even list it all of all of the activities that students can get involved in. An arrangement of these are: Acapella groups, clubs, greek life, intramural and club sports, varsity sports, organizations, and tons of activities everyday offered by the College Activities Board (CAB). I always suggest to people to find that balance, so when school's got you down, you have something to help pick you back up.
Being involved on campus is the best way to balance out all of that homework! It also helps with learning time-management skills and being organized. To see some of the awesome events that CAB puts on here, check out their website HERE!
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