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How (Not) To: The Freshman 15

Emily Okey on Thursday, 28 July 2011. Posted in Dining

You've all heard of "The Dreaded" Freshman 15. Or maybe even you're gluten free, vegetarian (like me!), vegan, allergic to shellfish, etc.

Regardless, one of the most common questions on tours is "How is the food?" Which is, in fact, a good one considering you're going to be consuming 3 meals a day here for 4 years. 

In the comfort of your parents home, you (hopefully) know most of what you're eating. When you come to college, suddenly, someone else is cooking for you (which is fantastic, by the way) and you find yourself with an endless buffet of eats (gracie's - RIT's main dining hall).

RIT actually has some pretty neat nutrition guidelines on their website that can give a better insight into what you're putting in your mouth. [found here!]


They have broken it down by food locations on campus. 


And then even further down into the individual things that are sold there! 


It's my personal recommendation that in order to avoid the freshman 15, you not include things such as "bear claws" in your daily diet. Just helpful hints. Actually, I wasn't even aware we had those on campus. I do have to say, the cookies in the SAU Cafe... tastyyyy! You should try them. 


They even have fun little check boxes on the left side that allow you to check off things that you're allergic to so that all of the foods on the list that you can't eat, magically DISAPPEAR!

So how's that for a little meal planning?