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I could get used to this..

Erin Supinka on Monday, 12 March 2012.

It's the first day of spring quarter and I am sitting outside. With a light jacket on. Drinking iced tea. Where am I? Did I come back to the right school...This is weird. But I love it. 

I seriously do not care that I had my first 8am since spring quarter of last year or that I'm pretty sure this quarter is going to be one of the hardest ones I've had.

This weather is beautiful and I am so excited! Around this time last year, I'm pretty sure I was still brushing snow of my car to get to class. I remember waking up mid-quarter last spring to an apparent blizzard.

It's great (and refreshing) to actually feel sunshine and hopefully overdose on some much needed vitamin D. No
t to mention, everyone seems happier. More people are out just riding around, walking or sitting just enjoying this beautiful weather.

What an awesome way to shake the "back to school blues" right after break.


Shout out to President Destler and his weather machine. Not sure what I need to pay you to keep this going, but I'm pretty good at making cupcakes.