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I heart Convention Season.

Jane Homan on Thursday, 03 September 2009. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

Most people during the summer have big plans or adventures that they want to accomplish. Either it be a big summer co-op that they had been dreaming about or a trip to one of their favorite cities, everyone has something during the summer that they want to accomplish before school arrives.


For me, my summer consisted of being kind of a dork. To explain, my newest thing that I like to do, and that I know many other people here at RIT love, is going to Anime conventions. It’s so popular here at RIT that we even have our own convention every April called Tora-con . But during the summer, one of the best things to do is go to conventions for it’s convention season! I went to two this summer and they were extremely fun and I highly suggest them for other Anime fans out there like me.


First one I went to was in July and this was the big trip of my summer. I went to Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California with my best friend. This is the biggest Anime convention so it was kind of crazy going from a small one like Tora-con to the biggest there is. One of the best things I think about a convention is cosplaying [cosplay: “Short for ‘costume play’, is a type of performance art whose participants outfit themselves, with often-elaborate costumes and accessories, as a specific character]. It’s like having Halloween in the middle of summer and the costumes that people make are amazing. Some of them are HUGE and probably took the person months to make, but in the end it’s definitely worth the hard work for the appreciation you get from it. I was scared at first about being at a huge convention in a city, but it was actually really safe. With the fact they had bus transportation just for anime goers and therefore you didn’t have to sit on a bus with strangers looking at you funny, you were on a bus with other people dressed up so that was comforting. Another thing I suggest when you go to a con, is if you’re cosplaying, to go to the gathering of that fandom [fandom: “All the fans of a sport, an activity, famous person, or series.”]. I went to one and it was a lot of fun getting my picture taken with a bunch of others from that series and not only that but I made a lot of new friends too.


The second convention I went to was yet another large one and that was Otakon which is in Baltimore, Maryland. This one was a bit closer to home and I actually saw a LOT of people I knew there, from home and from RIT. I went with a bunch of friends from RIT and it was definitely the highlight of my summer. It was just like Anime Expo but I actually went to a few events this time. I went to the Q&A panel of Crispin Freeman , a popular voice actor, and then a concert. The concert was Kanon Wakeshima and it was her first concert here in the United States. It was pretty awesome to watch her rock out on the cello so intensely on stage. I went to a couple other gatherings and then a couple more panels, but just the same as any other convention. Unfortunately, I got a migraine the second day so I was out for most of that day, but other then that it was an awesome weekend.


I highly suggest conventions for those Anime fans out there and also don’t be afraid to join Anime club here at RIT! The people are extremely friendly and with a group of friends there with you it’s definitely a fun time.