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I-House Dinner

Jullie Moche on Tuesday, 27 January 2009. Posted in International Students, Life After RIT, Residence Life

So....I’m one of those students that didn’t want to live in the regular dorms but, instead live in a special interest house. So when I applied for a dorm I decided to live on a floor called International House....also known as “I House". The floor is full of people from all over the world who eventually become your new family. It's basically the best floor to live on :). As a floor member we are usually required to attend certain events. One of them is the I House Dinner. So every quarter we have a dinner where everyone makes a special dish...whether it’s American or international it’s all personal preference.  Its usually a big event since its a time when we can all cook and eat great home cooked food , which we make in our kitchen.mmm my mouth waters when I think about it : )(Side Note: I house is the only floor equipped with their own full size kitchen)

However, This quarter we decided to change things up and actually go out to a restaurant. So everyone voted to go eat at a Mediterranean restaurant....and conveniently there's one on campus (Park Point) called King David's. The food there was great and it was loads of fun. It was my first Mediterranean  experience....( GREAT FOOD)  I can't wait for the next  dinner we have : )