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I Know These Roads Well

Emily Okey on Sunday, 10 January 2010.

The way a campus is set up can contribute a lot to the feel of a place. The RIT campus is set up in a very unique way; It kind of looks kind of like a giant dumbbell shape with the academic side and the residential side on each end connected by the Quarter Mile [I'm sure if you take a tour you'll learn that the Quarter Mile is actually 1/3 of a mile long-- next time you can impress your tour guide by already knowing this]. 

After a few weeks -- or months -- here you'll start to learn all of the back "short cuts" to where you need to go. Whether that is the tunnel connecting the SAU to the Ice Rink or the tunnel from building 6 to the library [Oops, I guess that's giving them away. Well now you know two secrets!]

The good thing about how the campus is set up is that, for the most part, your walk to class is only between 8-10 minutes. Now, I'm not going to lie, there are some places that are considerably further. Like my walk to ASL this year is 20-25 minutes because I live all the way over on the far end and my class is in the NTID on the opposite. While that might sound like a long walk for a class, it's really not that bad. Bundle up, put your ipod in and you'll be there in no time! I actually come to look forward to my walks to and from class. I get a chance to see some people on my way but for the most part I totally zone out because it's my one time during the day that I don't have to think about much of anything! If you do happen to run into me on my way to class, chances are I'm coming up with my next blog post. For some reason I write better while walking so this seems to be a great way to multitask. Of course, some days I'm just totally tuned out and listening to whatever the artist of the day is. It's kind of funny sometimes when people are waving wildly in my face and I don't even notice. Oops :)

Now to the point that actually caused me to write this blog.. walking back and forth. Typically I'll walk to class, sometimes come back once during a 2 hour break and then back after all my classes are done. For some reason this week I have been making the trek back and forth a good 5 times a day. I could probably walk the thing in my sleep! Whether it is forgetting my ice skates, coming back to get a project, stopping by on a break or going to a meeting or something back on the academic side I've found myself going back and forth way more than usual. I've been realizing that I don't even think about where I'm walking anymore. 

I have been more conscious about looking around me so I've taken a few pictures :) Mostly just when it snows though because it's so pretty! 


walking down greek row on the way to class.


view of the University Commons Apts (campus is to the left of the picture)


view of the ramp up to building 7 ( i took this during the summer)


view looking down the quarter mile towards the residential side taken from the new campus center


okay, this technically doesn't give you a feel for what the campus is like but one day i was walking to class and noticed that this seagull was walking along side me so i took a picture because i thought it was funny

So the question is, have you been on campus yet? Did you find any secret tunnels or back routes? Or did you like/dislike the way it was set up?