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i like being busy. does that make me a freak?

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 16 January 2008. Posted in Residence Life, The Arts

i also like eating apples with cheddar cheese...but we won't get into my weird food combos now.

one week left til until my show opens. it's crazy. we spend six weeks rehearsing like crazy only for it to be over in three short nights. i am suddenly going to have a lot of free time and i will not know what to do with myself. welllll....okay. homework. clean my room. laundry. those things i've been neglecting for six weeks.

housing renewal is coming up soon. we have plent of optionswhen it comes to housing. you can live pretty much wherever you want in whatever you want so long as you have money and friends. unfurnished, RIT-owned, basement? colony. furnished, on-campus, dishwasher? UC. practically on campus, brand new, fully furnished? park point. off campus, big porch, sweet neighborhood? park ave. right now i'm trying to figure out if a more expensive furnished apartment (read: UC) is actually cheaper than a cheaper, unfinished apartment BUT with the added cost of having to store my furniture over the summer. unfortunately, trying to discuss it with my mom is pointless. she can only see the fact that UC is more expensive. when i mention the cost of storing furniture, she just says "we'll get there when we get there."

SOOO time for my monthly music write up. let me just say, for the past month i have been writing down exceptionally great stuff on a stickie and i've finally narrowed it down to fit in this entry. (and i still had to cut stuff cause i am getting tired!!)

first up....MASHUP!!

mashup (also known as bootleg) is a stule of music in which different parts of different songs are mixed together. these songs make great party music since there literally is something for everyone.

a good song to start with is "united state of pop". it combines all the top hits of 2007. remember those "now that's what i call music" cds? well, imagine taking now 346 (or whatever they are up to these days) and combining all of the tracks into one. best of all, if you google it, you can find a free download and a listing of the songs in it.

girl talk's "night ripper" is a great mashup album. girl talk samples at least ten songs in one track. also, all of the tracks fuse together nicely.

there are also three "best of bootie" mixes. these are available as free downloads on these songs also flow together for a continuous mix. starting in 2006, they also put bonus tracks on the website that they felt were good mixes but just didn't fit in with the rest. my favorite bonus track from this year is "every car you chase."

my last bit of mashup before i move onto other things is the website it's basically a blog that showcases songs. they also put up a best of 2007 mix. some of the songs overlap with best of bootie 2007, but mashuptown wins for two reasons. 1. having a mix with "two princes" by the spin doctors and 2. having TWO mixes with my song of the year, "young folks" by peter bjorn & john.

so speaking of my favorite song of the year, let's talk about my favorite show of the year and how they combine. the first moment in the first episode of gossip girl, that wonderful song plays. SCORE. (that song was also on rotation at the apple store on 5th ave around christmas. talk about my favorite things) gossip girl has some amazing music. the best part is, it's listed by episode on the network website ( my favorite discovery from teh show was from the episode "hi, society" which featured the pierces.

keeping with soundtracks, i recently got the juno sountrack. it's pretty much the opposite of mashup...nice calming folk! the best part, at the end, michael cera and ellen page (the stars of the movie) do a sweet (as in cute and awwwww) cover of "anyone else but you" LOVE IT!!

and i was going to talk about the show and add pictures but it's nearly midnight and i have to be at work at 7:45 in the morning. so one last night. rent is closing june first. whoever wants to get me tickets for during spring breakm i'll love you forever.