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i love fall.

Amanda Lasicki on Sunday, 07 October 2007. Posted in Student Life, Study Abroad

hi everybody! i love fall! just thought i'd throw that out there. right now i'm eating a freshly picked apple. i had cider. and the leaves are starting to turn PREEEETTYYYYY. yay [=

so i realized that i finally have a running "theme" if you will. well, two. the first being my progress with swing dance. the other being my quest to do a study abroad. so definitely stay tuned.

this past weekend was our brick city homecoming which i mentioned earlier. thanks to our singers concert i now have no voice (ahh open house tomorrow, that's no good!!). but i got some sweet videos of two of our a capella groups.

the first one is 8 beat measure which includes one of our talented bloggers, brian.
the next one is encore, RIT's only all female a capella group.
these videos are taking forever and a day to upload.



so. study abroad. it is my plan to go to new zealand next summer and fall. my roommate, kara, wants to go too. my mom thinks it's too far to go for study abroad (but she also thought london was too far too...) and my dad doesn't really care. yesterday, i talked to the study abroad office and found out where it is so i can go apply some time this week!!