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I need more structure

Victor H Sanchez on Sunday, 19 April 2009. Posted in Coursework

Since I changed majors this quarter there were a few classes that I was able to take. I decided to fill in my time with a free elective Construction Safety, which is an online class. Also I am taking a class towards my minor, Energy Policy, which is a blended class.

A blended class is a class is a class that meets in a classroom a few times a quarter, in my class’s case it meets three times a quarter. The rest of the class is thought online.

My energy policy class has been an interesting situation. I enjoy the topic very much. My teacher works in Albany any plays a big part in many of the energy policies enforced in New York. He is very knowledgeable and has many connections.  He is very good at letting you know what he is looking for. He does most of the communication through e-mail. Any announcements he makes, as well as sending the assignments. Even though I have had to go to class on a Saturday for four hours, twice this quarter, I have enjoyed it. He set up the class so that there is a lot of group work done, he wants there to be an exchange in ideas and discussions on the topics. It has worked out well for me because I was in a group with all public policy majors most of the grad students, so I have learned a lot from them. We also have discussions online through the use of “my courses”.
 This class has been pretty open to do a lot of learning on your own. There are no exams which I love just papers and a project. We do have a textbook and reading to do which will help you with the discussions. I must admit that I have not been keeping up with the readings as well as I should. Having quizzes or exam pushes me to read the book. For the topic and set up of the class it was not essential to read the book. This class was more of an independent learning with some structure, which was a change from any other class I have taken at RIT.

My Construction Safety class has not been as nice of an experience as my Energy Policy class. This class is completely online he posts the homework online, any announcements he post on “my courses” we have discussions on “my courses” and when we submit the homework we do it through drop boxes done online in “my courses”. I keep forgetting to check “my courses” to see if he posted the new assignment.  The teacher has not done a good job in keeping up with the class. For the past two homework assignments he created the drop boxes a few days after the homework was due. He has not given back any grades and just gave out a test to do online about a week after all my other finals (which in a way is good) but only gave a few days to prepare for it. The class is focused on work safety, which is not an exciting topic, but he does not do anything to help the situation. The only good thing to come form this class is that I will be OSHA certified at the end…. Yay… (sarcasm)

My Courses is an online communication system set between students and professors.

I guess online classes are helpful many students take classes while on coop or if they want to take a class but not in Rochester. There was a guy in my class from southern NY. But I realized online classes were not for me.