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I really kind of love free things

Cynthia Roberts on Monday, 18 June 2007. Posted in Residence Life

So this is my first entry.  I, much like Matt L. started working at admissions this summer.  I love it.  Going to work and meeting new people who are interested in RIT everyday is definetely a highlight.  

Why stay in Rochester you ask?
Well the answer to that is simple.  I have a house here.  My parents bought a house out here for my friends and I to live in for the rest of my time here at RIT and depending on where I end up after graduation, maybe longer.  I know this sounds crazy, but if you really think about it all the money we spend in housing goes towards owning  something whereas someone just paying rent each month really isn't getting anything out of it in the long run.

Just a thought.

So while all my friends were packing to go home.  I was packing to move into my new house.  While was most certainly a highlight.  I have a lot of stuff.  In fact, the amount of things I own could never fit into my tiny little 2 door honda.  So being able to make multiple (and i mean multiple, like upwards of 10 with a little help from my friend Matt who had a truck) trips really helped.

Living in my own house and being a landlord has it's ups a downs.  I basically get to do whatever I want (with respect to my housemates of course), so if I want to paint my kitchen, I just go to the store and buy the paint.  I don't need permission from my landlord because I'm it.

On the downside, I've learned that owning a house has some serious downfalls.  For example, if anything breaks I have to fix it.  And I have to find time to be around if I employ someone else to fix it.  Also, bills cost lots of money.  I called time warner today to see about getting cable (because it really gets boring here without tv as lame as that sounds).  Turns out cable costs like 60 bucks a month.  This is an unnessacary bill.  Something neither my other 4 housemates, nor I would really want to pay each month. 

Which brings me to the free part of this entry.  My lovely wonderful and super smart in all the right ways friend Lauren recently clued me into the most amazing website ever.  This website has a ton of tv series for free.  Which makes me really happy.

In other news, my parents have this friend that lives behind a certain upscale, popular clothing store.  This store has a tendency to throw out boxes upon boxes of free things.  Anything you could imagine, from shirts to skirts to shower cutains, depending on the day.  And my parents friend taxes these boxes, brings half of them to a local shelter for abused women and the other half to me.  When this happens its like a big party.  My friends and I get together, go through the boxes and take all the amazing finds we want.  Whats left in the reject pile we have a tendency to play dress up with.

The sweetest thing to come out of the latest batch of free goodies was a entire bedding set, including comforter (although with this heat its defintely balled up in a corner of my room).  This is a huge plus seeing as I finally bought a bed, which after buying a bed I was not looking forward to going out and spending money to actually buy sheets so I could sleep on it.  

Like I said, I like free things.