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i'm back!!

Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 31 August 2006.

hey everybody, i have wonderful news!! i am back in rochester!

there was of course some problems getting here [i was sick, we couldn't pick up the van early, it was POURING, etc etc] but now i'm here and it's all good. i'm in my wonderful townhouse with my wonderful roommates and it's soooo cool.

it's a bit boring right now, i'm actually looking forwards to class. all my friends are either RAs or OAs or they are freshman and at orientation. some still haven't even moved in yet. i don't know how they can stand being at home for so long...

i went into the office earlier to see people and stuff. and i decided to post more pics of random things throughout the summer INCLUDING. the dramatic event known as my haircut. i got 16 inches cut off. that's quite a bit.

those pictures are respectively the night before and then the next day at the salon.
some of the layers are a bit shorter than i wanted but its working so i'm happy.

one of the bazillion&ahalf pics i took during a dress rehearsal.

the fiddler fam during the scheduled photo op.

to me, this picture is the epitome of our fiddler show. on the left, you can see me [with the green "babushka"] addressing joe and john, prob making fun of one or the other. you can also see that the slit in my skirt is ridiculously high. elissa is behind me laughing at whatever i'm saying. in the middle you can see one of the older girls [age 11 - 14] being not happy cause her mom is most likely making her do the show. then there's that little boy, michael. he's probably saying something ridiculous. moving more to the right there's jillian being...well. jillian. pretending like shes useful and helping small children. then there's the little girls. being confused.

well kids, i am off to find something to do. are any of you reading this now freshman??

ps - webcam girls need to stop posting comments here.