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I’m sorry…. I thought this was Antarctica….

Alissa Anderson on Thursday, 15 January 2009. Posted in Clubs, Life After RIT, Student Life

I’m sorry…. I thought this was Antarctica….

I am pretty sure I got frost bite on my way to physics this morning through the frozen tundra, aka the Quarter Mile. Just kidding, it wasn’t that cold! Yesterday is was ten degrees and it is supposed to be colder today – naturally this forecast spit out a rumor that classes would be cancelled today… but it is 11 pm and classes are still going so I’m pretty sure that was a lie! 

High School was fantastic because snow + school bus = SNOWDAY! However, in college there are mor complicated equations for a snow day to be announced… There is a story on campus that the Institution has only EVER had one Snow Day, and it was because the county forced RIT to close because of an ice storm that covered the area the night before.  Because the majority of students walk to class RIT, like most universities, has no reason to close school because it is not dangerous to walk though snow (as compared to driving a school bus through a blizzard!). 

Anyway, it is pretty cold this week and I’m hoping that means more snow and more Pow-Pow at the mountains! I may be bitter about having to crawl out of my warm bed for an 8am this morning… but in reality I love the cold because I LOVE winter and snow and all the craziness that follows. 

RIT offers a lot of opportunities to play in the snow.  There are wellness classes in the snow such as alpine skiing, snowboarding, curling (well, that’s not in the snow, but it’s one of those winter sports you don’t expect to find on campus), snow shoeing, and cross country skiing.  My favorite winter wellness is by far “Igloo Building 101.”  One of my goals when I came to college was to take some crazy courses, like igloo building or under water basket weaving, to keep me sane in my engineering course load.  Unfortunately Igloo Building is not offered this year… but it is rumored to make a comeback next year, and it is really competitive to get into so get ready!

Along with wellness classes, RIT also has a great Alpine Ski and Snowboard program.   The club allows members to join as recreational skiers or as competitive athletes.  The recreational group skis a few times a week at local mountains such as Bristol and hunt Hollow.  The ski team practices twice a week and races on the weekend against local colleges.  The club also hosts a trip to Tremblant, Canada, and a spring Rail-jam on campus! 

The students make an effort to brave the elements and have fun despite the frigid temperatures.  Phi Delta Theta, a fraternity on campus, is currently planning their fourth annual “SnowBowl,” a flag football tournament played in the snow coming this February.  Last year the brothers raised over $200 for the ASL Foundation and Lou Gehrig’s Disease. 

Winter is exciting and I am pumped for the events to come and all the Pow-Pow we are expecting this weekend!  See you on the slopes, Ali.