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i'm wide awake it's week two

Amanda Lasicki on Monday, 19 March 2007. Posted in Coursework, Student Life

in second year, they don’t hold back. it’s 12:30 on a monday and i’ve already had my first crit. our first project was assigned last monday (the first day back from break/of the quarter) so they have us jump right in. it’s nice. otherwise it would be a whole week of “hi! omigosh! you’re so tan! how was break?” (people hear i was in florida over break and laugh at my paleness)

we had a little spring teaser. it was all nice and warm and people weren’t wearing jackets last week and then suddenly it snowed. a lot. and it’s still snowing. here’s the thing - i like snow but i get sick of the same thing for ten weeks in a row.

and now i present: HOW TO LIVE LIKE A COLLEGE KID.

this week’s portion of how to live like a college kid is going to cover two topics. eating and car repair.

i’ll go with eating first since everybody eats (i’m doing it right now!) but not everybody drives a car. in college some morning, you may wake up forty five minutes before you have to leave and you may wander downstairs to make yourself some tasty eggos only to find out (cue dramatic music) THERE’S NO MORE SYRUP LEFT!!! obviously, you’re not about to leave your house to go buy more, so what is a kid to do?? you can’t just eat that waffle plain! here’s something you didn’t know. you have a whole world of waffle toppings just waiting to be discovered. and it’s sitting right in your fridge, right next to that empty syrup bottle. my suggestion - jelly. it gets the job done.

now for car repair. i do not drive the classiest of vehicles around. it is nicknamed “the big blue beast from the east” due to its large, gas guzzling ways and also the fact that it kind of sounds like an airplane is taking off over your head if i drive by you. (luckily, i can’t hear that from inside) the car has had it’s share of problems before i took it up to rochester. within a year of my family owning it, the heater died. we had it “fixed” several times but it’s never really worked. so yes, i drive a car with no heat. the check engine light has been on since april of my junior year in high school. the summer between my junior and senior year, the car would stall out every time you made a left turn. the first few months of my senior year, i had no power steering if i was in reverse. my mom has crashed it into the following: our garage, our mailbox, the post office, a phone booth, her car, and a dumpster that was in our driveway for a week (she hit it on the last day). she knocked off the driver side mirror during one of these occcaisions and it was replaced with a non-ford part. luckily it still had the power controls for the mirror, but they are jerky and blah.

okay, so enough back story on the beast. one fine icy evening the night before break, i wandered outside only to find my passenger mirror hanging from my car. just what i needed, right? well. i didn’t take care of it until after break. while a normal (suit-wearing, money-earning, house-owning, father-of-two) person would have brought it to the dealership to be fixed, i fixed it in the cheapest (and pretty darn effective) way. DUCT TAPE. that’s right kids. have a car? car have problems? invest in a roll of duct tape. from mufflers that drag, broken windows, mirrors that hang, and rips in the seat, duct tape can fix it all.

 ps - bonus points for whoever can name the song/album my title line is inspired by.